Hair treatments

Hair Mesotherapy is a proven hair loss treatment aimed at regeneration and promotion of hair growth for men and women by using vitamins, amino acids and growth factors to target areas of hair loss. The treatment takes only 15 minutes and majority of patients start to see improvement within 1-2 weeks.
What does hair loss treatment involve?
Mesotherapy is a hair loss treatment for Men and Women that uses cocktail of vitamins and minerals to heal and promote hair growth. Doctors apply this technique to stimulate the growth of thinning hair and transplanted hair. If your hair follicles are healthy, hair growth is also good. Hair follicles exist because of nutrition they get from your blood supply. Meso injections introduce all necessary elements to the area of damaged hair follicles promoting healthy hair growth.
Do I need hair loss Meso treatment?
If you feel that your hair is lacking radiance and density, and the signs of ageing are beginning to take a heavy toll, you may find that your hair loss will be dramatically reduced thanks to this easy and efficient treatment.
Mesotherapy cocktail is selectively and carefully introduced into specific areas with a series of injections. Before the treatment, your condition will be assessed in order to see if Mesotherapy is the right treatment for you. Then your specialist will be able to talk you through the procedure and inform you about results that could be achieved.
What happens during your appointment?
The application of numbing medicine to your scalp is optional during each session. You will get a series of injections with a special short needle. The needle may be attached to a mechanical gun in order to to deliver many injections in a row.
The injections can be administered at different depths — from 1 to 4 millimeters into your skin — this depends on your hair condition. Your doctor may place the needle into your skin at an angle, or flick their wrist very quickly while injecting. Each injection may introduce only a tiny drop of the solution into your skin.
How many sessions do I need?
You’ll probably need several mesotherapy sessions to get the desired effect. You should expect to return to the doctor between 3 to 10 times. At first, you’ll get the injections every 7 to 10 days. When your hair starts to improve, the treatments will be stretched out to once every two weeks or once a month.

What are the benefits of hair loss Meso treatment?

  • Minimal Risk
  • Quick, easy and convenient in comparison with other hair loss treatments
  • Immediate recovery
  • Natural-looking results
Hair loss Meso treatment recovery.
You can immediately return to your daily routine although strenuous activity and alcohol consumption should be avoided for 24 hours after procedure.
The results of Mesotherapy can usually be seen between 1-2 weeks after treatment, and depending on the targeted area it will be decided when a repeat procedure is recommended. It is common practice to repeat treatment every 6 months.