The Lumenis Ultrapulse carbon dioxide laser uses tiny columns of laser energy to resurface skin. Unlike traditional carbon dioxide lasers, it is possible to leave some intact skin between these columns to help speed recovery and reduce the risk of the procedure (fractional mode).
It can be used to treat wrinkles, acne scarring, other types of scarring, skin pigmentation and skin sallowness and helps to tighten skin. It can also be used to treat off-face areas such as the hands, neck and decolletage.
Treatments with this laser can be done with the Active Fx hand piece, Deep Fx hand piece, or both hand pieces (Total Fx) depending on the type of problem that needs to be treated. Treatments can be done at various energy levels to tailor the results and downtime accordingly.


Thread veins or “spider veins” are tiny veins in the skin that look like thin bluish-red lines underneath the skin’s surface. There aren’t any symptoms associated with thread veins, but due to the fact that they are so visible, they can affect how we feel about ourselves and affect the kind of clothes we choose to wear, particularly in the warmer months. Thread veins can be associated with varicose veins, but can occur even when there are no varicose veins present.
The M22 laser by Lumenis can effectively and successfully treat facial veins on the face associated with skin conditions such as Rosacea telangiectasia (dilation of superficial blood vessels on the face) and thread veins, spider veins, flare veins and microveins on the body, where traditional micro-injection sclerotherapy cannot be used. IPL is also effective in the treatment of spider veins on the legs, which are too small for micro-sclerotherapy. The optimal treatment for larger thread veins on the legs is micro-sclerotherapy and IPL cannot be used as a substitute for micro-sclerotherapy in the treatment of these larger vessels.

Hair removal

Dr.J clinic is proud to use the multi-application M22 machine from Lumenis. The M22 is the gold standard platform for the treatment of skin conditions and hair removal. Used by physicians all over the world, M22 enables us to be able to treat more types of patients and skin conditions with better outcomes.
The M22 by Lumenis UK Ltd is a hair removal system that utilizes the Nd:YAG and Intense Pulsed Light laser systems to perform pain-free and effective all over body hair removal treatments.


Many skin conditions occur either because our body produces too much melanin, referred to as ‘hyperpigmentation’ or too little melanin, referred to as ‘hypopigmentation’. Melanin is the natural pigment responsible for the colour of our hair, skin and eyes and protects our body from damaging UV sunlight, which is why those of us who present with hypopigmentary conditions such as ‘vitiligo’ and ‘albinism’ need to take extra care to protect their skin from the sun’s rays. The M22 laser by Lumenis can effectively and successfully treat both the superficial and deeper layers of your skin.
The M22 laser by Lumenis can also effectively and successfully treat redness, flushing and dilated, damaged blood vessels associated with Rosacea, without injuring the surrounding healthy skin tissues. IPL works by utilizing light energy to target problematic capillaries in your skin. The heat that is generated destroys these blood vessels, which your body then reabsorbs, leaving you with a paler, more even toned complexion. The additional benefit of undergoing IPL treatment on the face, is that it can have a rejuvenating effect on the skin due to the stimulation of collagen which helps to make the skin stronger, thicker and more resistant to further environmental damage.