Skin Hydration


As the years go by, the natural levels of Hyaluronic Acid in our skin decreases, which can result in a loss of skin tone and firmness.
This is usually noticeable on the face, neck, décolletage, lower eyelids and the back of the hands and can be caused by continued and excessive sun and UV exposure, along with the natural ageing process.


Over the counter anti-ageing creams and moisturisers can help to hydrate your skin, allowing it to feel smoother and more refreshed. However, due to the fact that these creams only lie on the surface of the skin without any penetration into the deeper layers where real hydration takes place, the results are only short-lived and over time can actually significantly weaken your skin’s natural defences and structure.
At Dr.J clinic we use specific called Restylane Vital and Juvederm Hydrate, which work to reverse the effects of ageing and sun damage quickly and effectively. These specially formulated dermal fillers work to diminish the effects of sun damage and ageing by enhancing your skin’s natural hydration where it is needed most and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, keeping your skin looking hydrated and plump and improving the tone, texture and overall health of your skin.


Hyaluronic acid works to attract water into the skin, whilst also playing an important part in the skin’s hydration. With the use of Restylane Vital or Juvederm Hydrate in the face, décolletage and hands.
Although Juvederm Hydrate and Restylane Vital skin hydration treatments give outstanding results alone, when combined with some of our other cutting- edge skin rejuvenation treatments such as Dermaroller Therapy, more dramatic results can be achieved. Please speak to our specialist team during your initial consultation about our bespoke Combination Treatments.